Sunday, April 12, 2015

All in one Integrated Solar LED light(Luminaria Solar Integrada) Applications

Luminaria Solar TODO EN UNO
Our integrated smart solar led street light, which  integrates high lumen LED lamp,latest LiFePO4 lithium battery,high efficient sunpower microcrystal solar panel and  the smart controller with PIR motion sensor is 100% clean,green, renewable light,can be frequently parking lot , sidewalk , farm , pathway , roadway , ramp, side walk, jogging and bike path, perimeter security, farm & ranch, wildlife area, boat dock,garden , campus ,county yards, desert, seaside resort , military base lighting,any exterior area wherever there is sufficient sunlight,especially for those place where wires are not economic or practicable.

Farolas Solares Inteligentes
Throughout the day the highly efficient solar panel gathers energy from the sun and feeds it to the built-in lithium battery pack. At dusk LED solar street light automatically turns ON providing convenient high brightness illumination. They will switch back again to full power as soon as movement is detected underneath the infrared motion sensor. This smart feature allows for power saving resulting in extended run time. When fully charged, the built-in lithium battery provides backup power for up to 3 to 4 nights, which is extremely useful in case of persistent overcast weather.

Green light, green life. We are proud to be the pioneer in smart solar LED solutions. Let's do whatever we can to enable sustainable development.

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