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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


HITECHLED 30W HT-SS-6030 all in one solar LED street light integrates the 30W high brightness Bridgelux LED,60W Sunpower solar,307WH high quality LiFePO4 battery and smart controller in one compact body.It is great solution for parking lot,compus,walkway,county road illuminations.Client form Malawi like the design and effact of the 30W model very much.
Below are some pics during production:
30w all in one solar led street light

30w integrated solar led street light

For any interest party, welcome for contact us for more details.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

HT-SS-1H60 60W All-in-one Solar LED Street Light ---Green Energy for Today and Future

HT-SS-1H60There are hundreds of 60W all in one solar street light recently installed in Mexico.Hitechled Optoelectronics are so proud to to be the nominated manufacturer.From 2012, Hitechled devoted more strength to renewable energy field, especially the all in one solar garden/street light, wishing to provide a complete set of end to end solutions for people without access to energy. The Integrated solar street light presents a unique all-in-one concept, to offer an efficient street lighting to all remote areas, avoiding electricity bills and trenching. As plug and play products, the installation is really easy and takes only few minutes. The smart energy management system guarantees no blackout, even during cloudy periods. Concentration makes professionalism.HITECHLED all in one solar street light has won trusty at home and abroad by its high quality and excellent service to all sincere customers.

New Energy Development to Create New Value Opportunities for tomorrow.We expect that as the core of new energy economy has become an important driving force to maintain sustained growth.Facts has proved that the new energy will be the landing platform of innovation and development of new technology and new matierials.Turning crisis into opportunines to achieve a historic breakthrough in industrial upgrading.

To truly transform our economy, protect our security, and save our planet from the ravages of climate change, we will make all efforts to keep innovation on eco-friendly renewable energy solutions and delivering the best quality products .

Hitechled Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hitechled 30W New Generation All-in-one Integrated Solar Street Light Lighting in Thailand

Nowadays solar street light becomes popular, Hitechled Optoelectronics , as one of the pioneer who is engaged in providing green, renewable energy solutions, innovated the design of all-in-one solar LED street light. The new generation design is with professional optic lens which improve the light output effect and efficiency, and better heat-sink design and more elegant outlook.

Recently, the 30W HT-SS-6030 has been successfully installed in Thailand. Our client are quite satisfied with the effect. They said it is even better than other’s 40W.

Hitechled always put quality and service in the first stage. We choose the best Sunpower monocrystalline solar panel, wonderful matched LiFePO4 battery pack to achieve real energy-saving solutions.

Green light, green life. Hitechled is proud to be the pioneer in smart solar LED solutions. Let's do whatever we can to enable sustainable development.


 Hitechled Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Integrated Solar LED Lights bring convenience for you

The biggest advantages of all in one/integrated solar street light are saving expensive costs of installation construction and commissioning, and transportation costs, usually only 10% of sepatated solar street lights.

All in one/integrated solar street light do with the world's advanced lithium management control technology, compared to some of the normal battery products which need to replace battery in 2 years, all in one solar street light costs can be greatly reduced in the future service and parts and usually does not require battery replacement or maintenance in 5 years.Even if it need to be replaced
after five years, due to the unique product design,under no technical support or engineers’s guidance users only need a few minutes to complete replacing.

Here's the main benefits you will have by using integrated solar LED lights.
• No line voltage, trenching, or metering
• No power outages; no cable, can be installed wherever there is sunshine
• Battery backup for cloudy or rainy days
• Distributed light and power - no single point of failure for enhanced security
• Easy to install ,no difficult technicals
• No scheduled maintenance for up to five years
• No cost of replacing concrete, asphalt or landscaping
• No cost of transformers or meters to be added for electric service
• No monthly electric bills
• Controlled charging to prolong battery service life
• Long-life PV modules with more than 25 years of power generation capacity
• Environmentally friendly - 100% powered by the sun, solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, eliminating pollution
• Self-contained solution - Light on/off controlled by automatic daylight sensing or hour preset, no running or maintenance cost
• Better light source - LED lights feature cool white light without flickering and higher
• Smart controller with PIR motion sensor helps to save more power--- when people enter within 10m distance, it will light in full power, people leave 10m distance for 1min,it will auto light in 30% power energy saving mode.

Hiteched have models from 8W to 60W.It is widely used in parking lot , sidewalk , farm , pathway , roadway , ramp, side walk, jogging and bike path, perimeter security, farm & ranch, wildlife area, boat dock, garden , campus ,county yards, desert, seaside resort , military base lighting,any exterior area wherever there is sufficient sunlight,etc.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why choose hitechled all-in-one integrated solar LED Garden/Street Light?

·         No trenching
·         No maintenance
·         No blackouts
·         No cable, can be installed wherever there is sunshine
·         No electric bills
·         Automatically turn off at sunrise and turn on at sunset
·         Smart control with PIR motion sensor: when people enter within 10m distance, it will light in full power, people leave 10m distance for 1min,it will auto light in 30% power energy saving mode.

The best solar LED light for you!