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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Hitechled Launches New All-in-one Solar Street Light with Innovative Drawer Design

Hitechled manufacturers the worlds most technically innovative range of solar-powered LED lighting solutions and is renowned for its diverse product range which suit a wide range of applications.

Our entire product range is powered by the clean, limitless energy of the sun and utilise a combination of the highest quality & efficient solar panels as well as intelligent controller.

Hitechled is continually striving to provide our customers with the most intelligent and easy to install solar powered products.Its our constant focus on innovation and quality that makes us distinct from any other solar lighting company.

We are proud to launch our newly designed solar street light hereby.

Outshine Features
Working Process Introduction

20W to 80W models available. Can be customerized parameters as well. Welcome for inquiry more details.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hitechled 60W Smart Integrated LED solar street lights Illuminates Hospital San Juan de Dios in Costa Rica

Hitechled has been engaged in R&D of renewable green energy solutions for many years. Step with the fast development of industry, pollution and energy crisis are awared by human. Hitechled are proud to devote ourselves to transforming ideas to technologies. Once upon the all in one integrated solar street light put into the market, it is definitely hot and widely used in so many applications, such as pathway lighting, street lighting, parking lot lighting, plant/warehouse perimeter security lighting, plaza area lighting, garden lighting, billboard lighting, campus lighting, hospital lighting, residential lighting, mounting lighting, military lighting, farm lighting,etc.

In 2016,Mr Adolfo from Costa Rica find us and soon impressed by our products. They came to visit our factory after a several communications. When they came back to Costa Rica, they confirmed the deal for 101pcs 60W HT-SS-1H60 all in one integrated solar street light, project named as “Hospital San Juan de Dios”. About one month later, we made the delivery.

As per the information from Mr. Adolfo, José María Castro Madriz, the first president of Costa Rica, decreed the creation of the General Hospital of the Republic with the name of San Juan de Dios on July 3, 1845. From that date until the present, more than 170 years have passed, with the San Juan de Dios Hospital delivering all the services necessary for the benefit of the inhabitants of Costa Rica.

At the same time, and apart from its assistance work, the Hospital San Juan de Dios is owed the development and advancement of medical and surgical specialties in Costa Rica, as well as several professions that had their starting point associated with its evolution : The teaching of medicine, microbiology, nursing, pharmacy, technologies and various academic and scientific disciplines. In summary: since its creation, it has served as Hospital-School for the various areas of Health Sciences.

Hitechled had the honour to provide the smart solar street light to the grand hospital, delivering not only the brightness but also the ideas of green technology. Now it is successfully installed and illuminating there!See how good the effects are.
HT-SS-1H60,Hitechled 60w smart integrated solar street light

Hitechled smart all in one solar led street light

Mr. Adolfo emphasizes that this is a good pilot project and we’ll have more project coming in 2017.

Hitechled hope more and more people realize the importation of sustainable development and the necessity of green energy applications. We have only one earth, let’s do whatever we can to save it.

James Chen, Marketing Director - Hitechled Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.Tel: +86-755-33653232
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


HITECHLED 30W HT-SS-6030 all in one solar LED street light integrates the 30W high brightness Bridgelux LED,60W Sunpower solar,307WH high quality LiFePO4 battery and smart controller in one compact body.It is great solution for parking lot,compus,walkway,county road illuminations.Client form Malawi like the design and effact of the 30W model very much.
Below are some pics during production:
30w all in one solar led street light

30w integrated solar led street light

For any interest party, welcome for contact us for more details.

James Chen, Marketing Director - Hitechled Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.Tel: +86-755-33653232
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

HT-SS-1H60 60W All-in-one Solar LED Street Light ---Green Energy for Today and Future

HT-SS-1H60There are hundreds of 60W all in one solar street light recently installed in Mexico.Hitechled Optoelectronics are so proud to to be the nominated manufacturer.From 2012, Hitechled devoted more strength to renewable energy field, especially the all in one solar garden/street light, wishing to provide a complete set of end to end solutions for people without access to energy. The Integrated solar street light presents a unique all-in-one concept, to offer an efficient street lighting to all remote areas, avoiding electricity bills and trenching. As plug and play products, the installation is really easy and takes only few minutes. The smart energy management system guarantees no blackout, even during cloudy periods. Concentration makes professionalism.HITECHLED all in one solar street light has won trusty at home and abroad by its high quality and excellent service to all sincere customers.

New Energy Development to Create New Value Opportunities for tomorrow.We expect that as the core of new energy economy has become an important driving force to maintain sustained growth.Facts has proved that the new energy will be the landing platform of innovation and development of new technology and new matierials.Turning crisis into opportunines to achieve a historic breakthrough in industrial upgrading.

To truly transform our economy, protect our security, and save our planet from the ravages of climate change, we will make all efforts to keep innovation on eco-friendly renewable energy solutions and delivering the best quality products .

Hitechled Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Farola Alumbrado Público Solar de LEDs,Luminaria Solar LED, Todo En Uno Panel 60W y Bateria 307W y Led 30w

Las farolas solares tienen grandes ventajas frente a las lámparas convencionales al no requerir canalizaciones de cables, son autoportantes e integran todos los componentes en una sola pieza. Incopora sendor PIR de movimiento para ofrecer la máxima potencia en caso de actividad y bajar la iluminación cuando no detecta movimiento, optimizando la energía acumulada para que esté garantizada la luz durante toda la noche.

La farola solar Hitechled HT-SS-6030 las siguientes ventajas:
- Ahorro de energía.
- Incorpora la tecnología LED más avanzada 
- Emisión de luz eficiente y de alta calidad ( índice de rendimiento cromático,  CRI>75).
- Ahorro en tiempo y costes de instalación.
- Ahorro en costes de mantenimiento.
- Sin necesidad de fuente de alimentación externa.
- Hace uso de la energía limpia y renovable.
- Reduce la contaminación lumínica.
- Los materiales empleados son completamente reciclables.
- Sistema completamente integrado que ofrece ventajas arquitectónicas.
- Fácil instalación.

- Durante las horas de luz el sistema capta energía solar y la almacena en sus baterías en forma de energía eléctrica.
- Al anochecer, el sistema de control automáticamente enciende el módulo LED utilizando la energía almacenada, proporcionando la luz necesaria al espacio a iluminar.
- Cuando amanece, el módulo LED se desactiva automáticamente comenzando un nuevo ciclo.
- La Farola Solar está constituida por una luminaria que contiene en su interior todos los componentes eléctricos, por lo que el poste no necesita puerta de registro y no alberga cables de cobre en su interior.

- Chip Led Bridgelux. Utiliza la tecnología LED más avanzada consiguiendo un alto rendimiento con una alta calidad de luz.
- Cuerpo de la luminaria en aleación de aluminio
- Batería de lítio con un tiempo de carga de 5-6 horas en horas de sol y descarga hasta 8 horas en máxima iluminación y hasta 20 horas con iluminación mínima.
- Sistema óptico, permite enfocar el haz de luz hacia el espacio a iluminar evitando la contaminación lumínica.
- Panel solar fotovoltáico monocristalino de máxima eficiencia, capta la radiación solar convirtiéndola en energía eléctrica limpia.
- Baterías LiFePO4  que almacena la energía captada por el panel solar durante las horas de sol para que ésta pueda ser utilizada durante los periodos nocturnos.
- Regulador de cargas de baterías con un avanzado sistema de control especialmente dise?ado para mantener en correcto estado las baterías

Farola solar con un elegante diseño en aluminio. Dotada con 30W de leds Super bright  y con 3300 lúmenes equivalen a una lámpara de 300w tradicional.Con un panel solar de 60w y una bateria de larga duración fácilmente reemplazable proporciona hasta 3 noches de luz con carga completa.Esta farola viene equipada con un sensor nocturno y de movimiento con 120deg de detección y hasta 8 metros de distancia así como sistema de auto apagado y encendido.

1 Sunpower Panel solar: 60W 22percent eficiencia, 10 a?os
2 Batería:LiFePO4  12.8V 307WH,2000 ciclos
3 LED:30W
4 Sensor crepuscular: Si
5 Materiales: Aleación de aluminio y vidrio templado
6 Calificación IP:IP65
7 Temperatura de trabajo: Entre -20deg y 60deg

Salida de luz:
1 Flujo luminoso: 3300 lúmenes, 50,000 horas
2 ángulo visual:120deg
3 Temperatura de color:2700 to 6500K
4 Umbral de luz: 30lx
5 Tiempo de carga solar: 6 - 8 horas
6 Modo de trabajo: 900 lúmenes y 3000 lúmenes durante 40 segundos cuando entra en acción el sensor de movimiento

1  Altura aconsejada de instalación: 4-6m
2  Espacio aconsejado entre las lámparas: 10-20m
3  Diámetro del mástil: 60mm-80mm

Póngase en contacto con Hitechled para más detalles.